The objective of the Journal of Ceramic Research is to contribute to the evaluation of pottery which is found in huge numbers during archaeological investigations and which met the humans’ need and taste for millennia. The second aim is to fill a gap in the archaeological literature by an interdisciplinary discourse on ceramics in archaeology, history, archaeometry and art history in Turkey. Today archaeologists working on pottery benefit from an interoperability in technological, analytical and archaeological terms. ‘Old’ ceramics are a junction point between social and physical sciences. The desire to keep the ceramic studies and experiences together affected our decision to publish the Journal of Ceramic Research. Last not least, the Journal of Ceramic Research aims to reach a wider audience with the help of DergiPark and the journal’s official website,, both of which offer open access opportunities.


The Journal of Ceramic Research deals with ceramics from its beginnings in the Neolithic Age until the end of the Ottoman period. Within that timespan developments in the production of pottery, different technologies, production centers, foreign influences as well as different possibilities of usage seen from archaeological, archaeometrical, ethnoarchaeological or art historical perspectives will be in the main focus of this journal.