1. The Journal of Ceramic Research will be published once a year, in December.
  2. The material submitted for publication should not be published previously.
  3. The Journal of Ceramic Research applies an anonymous peer review process.
  4. After the first examination the article will be sent to two referees. According to the report submitted by the referees, the article will be accepted for publication, corrections will be requested or the article will be rejected. In case of two diverging opinions a third referee will be appointed.
  5. Articles in Turkish or English are welcome.
  6. The articles must be sent to the journal’s editor through the online system “DergiPark”. Help is provided by the link below:
  7. Authors must approve the copyright form.
  8. The full responsibility of the texts, which will be published in the journal, stays with the author(s).
  9. A plagiarism programme will be used.
  10. Articles should be written in Microsoft Word and submitted in .docx format.
  11. Articles should be written in Times New Roman.
  12. The title of the article should be 14pt and centered (with capital letters in Turkish and English). The text should be 12 pt, footnotes 10 pt.
  13. Abstract: The article should includeTurkish and English abstracts at the beginning (150-250 words). Keywords: 5 to 8 keywords should be placed at the end of the abstract. The first letters of the keywords must be written in capital letters and a comma must be used between them.
  14. One space must be given after the punctuation marks (Except for ‘commas’ used in measurements (For example: 5,5 cm)
  15. Format of the page: A4 portrait, margins (normal) (top, bottom, left, right 2,5 cm)
  16. The spacing of the paragraph line should be 1,5.
  17. Photographs and drawings should be sent at least in 300 dpi resolution and preferably in TIFF format. 
  18. The abbreviation “Fig.” should be used for all photographs, drawings, plates and maps.
  19. Ceramics should be sent collectively (for the article) and one by one (for the database).
  20. Besides the drawings, photographs of ceramics should be sent as well, if possible.
  21. In the first footnote, the information about the author’s institution, an e-mail address and the ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) number should be added.
  22. Footnotes should be given at the bottom of each page.
  23. Italics will be used for old languages in any article only.


Surname Date, Page Number, Fig. or Plate.

Işıklı 1998, 23, Plate 8, Cat. No. 15.

Two authors

Yılmaz- Ergürer 2012, 23, Plate 8.

Three or more authors

Yılmaz et al. 2012, 23, Plate 8, Cat. No. 3.



The first letter of the name, Surname, Title of the Book, Place of Publication Date of Publication

Hayes 1972

J. W. Hayes, Late Roman Pottery, London 1972.

Crowfoot et al. 1957

W. Crowfoot- G. M. Crowfoot- K. M. Kenyon, The Object from Samaria. Samaria- Sebaste III, Londra 1957.

Journal Article

The first letter of the name and Surname, “Title of the article in inverted commas”, Name of Journal, Date of Publication, Page range or plate.

Hayes 1967                     

J. W. Hayes, “North Syrian Mortaria”, Hesperia 36, No. 4, 1967, 337- 347.

Borkisch-Böttger 1966

G. Borkisch- B. Böttger, “Spätrömische und Frühbyzantinische Keramik”, Klio 47, 1966, 209- 256

Translated Works

The first letter of the name and Surname, Title of the Book ( Trans. ) Place of Publication Date of Publication

Boardman 2005   

J. Boardman, Yunan Heykeli, Klasik Dönem (trans. by G. Ergin), Ankara 2005.

Chapter in an edited work

The first letter of the name and Surname, “Title of the article in inverted commas”, Name of Book, (Editor(s)), Place of Publication, Date of Publication, Page range.

Ergürer 2013       

                   H. E. Ergürer, Tiyatro, in: (Ed. C. Başaran), Antik Troas’ın Parlayan Kenti Parion, Ankara 2013, 77- 86.

Ergürer 2014

H. E. Ergürer, “Late Roman Light Coloured Ware from Parion”, Late Hellenistic to Medieval Fine Wares of the Aegean Coast of Anatolia Their Production, Imitation and Use, (Eds. H. Meyza, K. Domzalski), Varsovia 2014, 175- 192

Symposium Publications

The first letter of the name and Surname, “Title of the article in inverted commas”, Name of Book or journal, (Editor(s)), Place of Publication, Date of Publication, Page range.

Mandel 2000

U. Mandel, “Die Frühe Produktion der Sog. Oinophorenware- Werkstätten von Knidos”, RCRFActa 36, Abingdon 2000, 57- 68.


The first letter of the name and Surname, Name of the thesis, Informationof University, (Unpublished PhD diss.), Place of Publication and date

Ergürer 2012

H. E. Ergürer, Parion Roma Seramikleri, Atatürk University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Classical Archaeology, (Unpublished PhD diss.) Erzurum 2012.

Internet Source (quote date and if available DOI number) should be.


For abbreviations of periodicals and book series see:

AASOR          Annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research

AJA                American Journal of Archaeology

LRCW 1         Late Roman Coarse Wares, Cooking Wares and Amphores in the Mediterranean, Archaeology and Archaeometry, Ed. J. M. Gurt i Esparraguera, J. Buxeda i Garrigos, M.S. Cau Ontiveros, BAR- IS 1340, The Basingstoke Press, England 2005                   

RIC                 The Roman Imperial Coinage

TAD               Türk Arkeoloji Dergisi

Abadie Reynal- Sodini 1992            

C. Abadie- Reynal- J. P. Sodini, La Céramique Paléochrétienne De Thasos (Aliki, Delkos, Fouilles Anciennes), Études Thasiennes XIII. Athens 1992.

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L. Doğer, “Byzantine Ceramics: Excavation at Smyrna Agora”, Çanak, Akdeniz ve Çevresindeki Arkeolojik Kazılarda Ele Geçen Geç Antik ve Ortaçağ Seramiği ve Mimari Seramiği, Byzas 7, (Ed. B. Böhlendorf- Arslan, A.O. Uysal, J. Witte- Orr), İstanbul 2005, 97- 121.

Hayes 1972                

J. W. Hayes, Late Roman Pottery, London 1972.

Other abbreviations

Arch.               : Archive
Trans.              : Translate
Fn.                  : Footnote
Ed. / Eds         : Editör (s)
Inv. No.          : Inventory Number
Cat. No.          : Catalogue Number
Pl.                   : Plate
BC                  : Before Christ
AD                  : After Date
i.a.                   inter altri = among others
et al.                : et alii